How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding


A Step-By-Step Guide


Thanks for stopping by! We take immense pride in providing top notch venue coordination in Port Gamble. Port Gamble is picture perfect for your wedding.  Two elegant and versatile venues, amazing waterfront views all set in a beautiful and historic town. After hosting hundreds of weddings here, we’ve compiled a complete month by month guide to aid you in your wedding planning.


Engaged?  Now what?

Time to prepare for your special day.  This process can be overwhelming from the start.  But if you're strategic in your planning, your wedding will day be less stressful and more like the day you've always imagined.  


We want your wedding planning to run as smooth as possible.  So we've compiled this step by step guide that help you create your perfect wedding in less than 18 months


1.  16-15 Months Before: Set a budget

Make time to sit down with your parents, family members, or just the two of you. Figure out who is contributing, how much they can contribute, and what your total budget will be. 


2.  14-13 Months Before: Decide on your wedding’s style

Vintage, modern, classic, eclectic, handmade, rustic… there are so many styles out there! Figuring out a theme or style early on will help you throughout the entire planning process. Don't worry about designing your entire wedding at this point, just know what general look and feel that you are going for.



3.  13-9 Months Before: Select your venue

When you’re researching and find a venue that you like, contact them and ask if they have any of your possible dates available. Note that some venues book their summer weekends up to a year and a half out. If there is a certain date you want, it is never too early to book. 



PLEASE NOTE: This post only includes the first few months of planning.  We hope you've found it useful.  If you would like to get the complete guide, simply push the button below to view and download this free guide to with your wedding planning! 



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