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Port Gamble Wedding

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"Would you recommend Port Gamble wedding venues and why? I would say NO only because WE love the unique experience & venue and want to be the only one to have had OUR WEDDING THERE :) but everyone was so great that WE can't do anything but rave about how super you guys are and how wonderful the church and town are, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

-Peter & Irene 9/14/2019

"Worked mostly with Elizabeth and Pete - Both VERY helpful! Thank you so much"

-Ginger & Michael 9/1/2019

"We would recommend PGWV (Port Gamble wedding venue) every day of the week. They have so much knowledge and support throughout the wedding day process. You can't go wrong in this small town. Right on the water, you can go big or have an intimate wedding. The suggestion with caterer, flowers, photography, wedding coordinator & officiant made our day more memorable than I ever thought it could be. Love everyone at PGWV They always respond within 24 hours if that. Pete, Tamara and Eric make this venue more exceptionable! They are a great asset!"

-DeAnna & Jason 8/24/2019

"Loved having the shuttle service!"

-Amanda & Dana 8/23/2019

"This is for all the vendors and venue:  Everyone was AMAZING! I wish I could give a 10 instead of 5! (survey) Professional, friendly, worked well together. Made our day PERFECT! we will miss everyone"

-Thomas & Alyssa 8/10/2019

"Beautiful and affordable. Your (the) staff were amazing and so helpful. Tamara & Elizabeth were the absolute best. Everything went smoothly and was perfect and was perfectly timed. We would absolutely recommend you. We can't say enough great things"

-Gabriel & Emily 8/9/2019

"The structure of the Pavilion compliments the water view. Also Port Gamble is an interesting, fairly quiet, tourist attraction wedding guests can explore around the time of the wedding. Parking is not a problem."

-Gail 7/28/2019

"From day 1, the staff made me feel at ease. They are so helpful and wonderful to work with. They answered every question & were super responsive when I needed something. It's the people - they made the difference for me. PG ( Port Gamble) is beautiful too!"

-Leeann  & Frank 7/19/2019

"The venue is so beautiful, and the staff are always friendly and ready to help"

-Rachelle & Adam 7/15/2019

"The site was well maintained and the staff were helpful and a pleasure to interact with"

-Andrew & Sue 7/13/2019

"Overall Great! Thank you for putting on a great open house. We were able to choose all vendors easily and extremely pleased with all services"

-Tefany& Paul 7/8/2019

"Beautiful site and wonderful place. Everything was perfect"

-Paige & William 7/5/2019

"We had a terrific experience!"

-Jessie & Conrad 6/22/2019

"Every question I had was answered.  The whole staff goes out of their way to make you comfortable. The facility is beautiful! The setting is gorgeous - what more could you ask for? I highly recommend Port Gamble wedding venues."

- Michael & Jan 5/25/2019

"The staff at Port Gamble Weddings were so helpful, and professional. Communication was always timely and all questions were addressed thoroughly"

-Lily & Brian  5/4/2019

"My wife and I had a perfect day. With about 100 people present our guests still talked about how elegant & intimate it was." "Keep doing what you're doing"

-Maria & Jordan  4/06/2019

"Port Gamble is a beautiful venue and staff are so helpful! We are so thankful! We will definitely recommend!"

-Melissa & Chantz 3/23/2019

"I could not be happier with all the help from Elizabeth and it was a smooth transfer to Pete when she was out with her baby. Pete, thank you for all your help on the day of!!"

-Brittany & Brian 3/16/2019

"Everyone was friendly and professional. All my questions were answered and everything was handled above my expectations. Everyone was wonderful!"

-Beth & Jarrett 3/16/2019

"We loved our venue and felt like we had a great support team behind us!"

-Ella & James 2/28/2019

"The venue was beautiful but the staff is exceptional. They were always helpful + attentive. When the bride lost a family heirloom broach, the staff went back to the church to look for it. He found it outside the church on the steps. This was above and beyond his responsibility. The entire process from first contact to reserve the church through the dinner was seamless. The staff was perfect.  "

-Susan (mother of the bride) 2/23/2019

"Everything is so beautiful! I love the open house events you offer. Guest houses are so cute. My favorite place that I've stayed in so far ." 

- Derrick & Shayla 1/12/2019

"It (Port Gamble) is beautiful, affordable and the staff was outstanding."

- Stephanie & Gary 10/21/2018

"Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Eric was great! He always had a smile and worked with us running late the entire day."

-Anthony & Rachel 10/20/18

"I found the staff very accommodating. The church and reception venue were everything we wanted."

-Matthew & Catherine 10/19/2018

"Beautiful venue and amazing staff. Elizabeth was amazing."

- Alexis & Austin 10/13/2018

"It (Port Gamble) was a lovely place to get married at and the staff was a huge help."

- Taylor & Vanessa 9/22/2018

"Beautiful location away from crowds price was economical comparably - particularly appreciated being able to use our own caterer and bartender to save money. Also nice to use the chairs and tables and arbor without charge. Thank you! All the staff very helpful & patient!! :) "

- Maureen (MOB) & Molly  & Bryce 9/9/2018

"We so appreciated Elizabeth & Eric's help on our big day."

- Julie & Matt 8/26/2018

"The venue has everything. TENT. LAWN. BEAUTIFUL BUILDING. It has something for every guest."

- Annalee & Byron 8/19/2018

"Whimsical venue with breathtaking view. The price was great and all that was included took so much stress away. The staff are/were wonderful and very accommodating"

- Elizabeth & Michael 8/18/2018

"Yes I would recommend because 1) The venue is beautiful 2) Staff is knowledgeable and helpful 3) Staff is just so NICE and excited for you."

- Evelyn & Kevin 8/11/2018

"Great Location, staff was helpful and stayed behind... almost too much though as at one point we needed something and couldn't find anyone."

- Kate & Gerrit 8/5/2018

"From the beginning to the day of, extremely helpful and great communication ."

- Melissa & Andrew 8/4/2018

"Great Venue, staff was amazing. They always answered our questions promptly and in great detail, no matter how crazy the question. Everyone was always consistently pleasant to work with."

- Samantha & David 7/15/2018

"I would recommend this venue because the staff were so helpful from the minute we booked and the venue itself is gorgeous! The gardens at the pavilion are beautiful."

- Gemma & Zachary 7/14/2018

"We Love Port Gamble, Eric - My hero!"

- Lauri & Caspar 7/7/2018

"Every time I hear someone is looking for a venue I suggest Port Gamble! The venue is amazing even with little decor & the view really sells it. Plus the staff- all of them- are so helpful & nice. The best I've ever worked with. They have great response time, suggestions & actually listen. They really went out of their way with everything."

- Tricia & Kyle 6/30/2018

"So helpful, accommodating, prompt in email replies, worked great with our vendors, friendly etc. Best venue in Kitsap for a killer view, gardens, water, small town etc. Amazing surroundings!"

-Mackenzie & Josh 6/16/2018

"The venue was gorgeous and the staff were so helpful! They were always prompt to respond and your rates were so reasonable for the quality offered. The venue was something we never had to worry about!"

-Nicole & Joe 5/06/2018

"Highly recommend.  In addition to their venues being stunning, all the staff were wonderful.  Very responsive to messages, willing to accommodate, and incredibly helpful!" 

-Mykala & Kyle 4/14/2018

"Everyone made us feel like we were the only wedding they've ever worked at. Very genuine happiness from everyone. It was great and we loved every second."

-Meighan & Jason 04/07/2018

"The church and pavilion were absolutely beautiful.  The site was clean and all the tables and chairs are provided in the price and the staff is amazing.  They helped set up and assisted me and my family with rehearsal, the wedding, and the reception.  The staff responded promptly to all my emails and answered all my questions.  Eric and Stephanie made sure my wedding ran smoothly and that everything was taken care of.  I can't say thank you enough! You guys are amazing!"

- Rachel & Alex 3/31/2018

"Not only a beautiful simple setting, but everyone, from taking a tour to the day of, were beyond friendly, helpful, and fun to be around!"

- Katy & Gabe 2/25/2018

"Beautiful, organized, and very helpful.  Everyone I worked with was always very pleasant."

- Deni & Wayne 2/17/2018

"Wonderful staff, great event space!"

- Katy & Alex 1/7/2018

"Stephanie and Eric were awesome through the whole process and my stress was NOT from the venues."

- Bryanne & Sawyer 10/28/2017

"Gorgeous grounds, easy to work with, and genuinely kind & excited for us"

- Haley & Josef 9/8/2017

"The Port Gamble staff was amazing to work with. Always available to answer questions we had and did everything possible to ensure our day would go as we planned - Thank you!"

- Amy & Richard 8/26/2017

"Not only were the staff amazing and great to work with the venue was beautiful! it was like a home destination wedding! It couldn't have been more perfect!"

"Highly recommend this venue! Stunning view!

- Ericka & Jeff 8/19/2017

"Helpful and attentive staff- gorgeous location!"

- Nicole & Matthew 8/5/2017

"Having our wedding at Port Gamble made our day more than we hoped for. It was the most wonderful experience for the both of us. We wouldn't change a thing. You are amazing!"

- Danae & Ilde 7/21/2017

"Beautiful venue, lovely staff, Port Gamble made our wedding day so perfect.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!"

- Stephanie & Andrew 6/24/2017

"Beautiful view, super friendly and accommodating staff.  So great to work with throughout planning and we really wanted the staff there on the wedding day!  Amazing venue :)  Thank you so much!"

- Courtney & Mark 6/17/2017

"I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to get married with a perfect PNW view and feel. Lower cost for choosing a Monday helped us find a nice outdoor venue that didn't compromise. Staff was very helpful and a blessing to work with on all fronts. The lawn, tent, and Vista Pavilion was large enough to fit a large group and compact enough to see all sides of the party from any spot. We love everything there was to offer."

- Tatiana & Levi 6/12/2017

"There are so many options to choose from (ie. indoor, outdoor, church, many food options). Amazing view, and gets you out of the city."

- Helen & Drew 6/10/2017

"Not only is it a beautiful venue for a wedding, the professionalism of the staff and work-ability makes planning a wedding there a breeze and a complete delight."

- Kara & Daniel 4/30/2017

"Amazing staff, beautiful venue, magical location :)"

- Stephanie & Chris 4/22/2017

"Absolutely would recommend, not only did the location exceed our expectations (on the water, lots of green, historic buildings) but the staff was always helpful. We never felt like we were inconveniencing anyone with our requests and always received quick replies to our questions. 10/10, would highly recommend! "

- Luke & Audrey 4/15/2017

"Your site is romantic and historic. The staff is very accommodating and helpful especially to a nervous bride!"

- Leah & David 4/9/2017

"I have already raved about how responsive, kind, and professional everyone was."

- Madalyn & Brad 4/8/2017

"We would absolutely recommend Port Gamble wedding venues! the staff were wonderful throughout the planning process and day of, the venue was beautiful and the location was perfect for us."

- Paige & Jon 3/18/2017


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