Cakes, and Candy, and Pie, Oh My!

January 28, 2016


It seems like wedding cake has become even more of a conversation at the modern wedding. No longer should you expect to find just a white, tiered cake. Brides and grooms love other desserts too! We see many couples opt for a dessert bar, candy bar, or cupcakes. Even when cake is decided upon, their personality shines through! 

Here's some of what we've seen, and hopefully they help ispire your dessert - whatever idea you come up with!



1. This one with floral accents and square tiers


2. This one with the most adorable cake topper



3.  This color-coordinated candy bar


4. This suculent adorned one


5. This rustic cupcake smorgasbord 



6. This seasonally appropriate one


 7. This one with purple ribbons



8. This pie, cookie, and strawberry bar



9. This one with a beach-y theme



10. This one with something lacey and something glittery


11. This one with mini cupcakes and a pun-y sign 


12. This one that doesn't take itself too seriously


13. This sleek and simple one 



14. This geometric one



15.  This bright and happy candy bar



16. This one is where we "draw the line"



17. This glamorous winter one



18. This Norwegian tradition with a personal touch



19.  This one accompanied by salty pretzel treats



20. This bar that is every kid's dream



21. And this one surrounded by pretty little pastries



Happy Planning! 



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