15 Couples Who Just Wanna Have Fun

May 19, 2016

It's unfortunate when couples think that their wedding needs to be stuffy and reined in just because it's a wedding. On the happiest day of their lives, we love to see couples truly celebrate and let loose - no matter what great-aunt Claire says! Here are 15 couples who let the good times roll.





1. Show off your dance moves!

 Photo courtesy of Jerome Tso Photography





2. Take the cake smooshing tradition to heart

 Photo courtesy of Lovesong Photography






3. If it has to rain on your wedding day, might as well dance in it!

 Photo courtesy of Paul Dudley Photography





4. Don't make those adorable kids sit still






5. Photo booths aren't just for your guests

 Photo courtesy of Amanda Lloyd Photography





6. Party like it's 1999!






7. Don't take those photos too seriously

 Photo courtesy of Ransdell Photography





8. No really...

 Photo courtesy of Saleina Marie Photography





9. If you're going to have a December wedding, invite Santa and his elf!

 Photo courtesy of Paul Dudley Photography





10. Playing in the leaves should be mandatory for autumn weddings






11. Don't just ring the bell, RING THE BELL!!






12. Avoid all the staged family photos with one big happy group photo






13. Serve a childhood treat...






14. Or an adult treat

 Photo courtesy of Jenny GG Photography





15. But whatever is served, raise your glass the the happy couple!












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